Linda McNair


A Silicon Valley native, Linda McNair has spent the last 25+ years developing and leading marketing and communications plans for a range of non-profits, start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies such as Adobe, Cisco, IBM, and Oracle. Her entrepreneurial spirit is drawn to collaborating with creative thinkers and doers, and working with businesses who want to thread social impact into the fabric of their culture. Today, these efforts in the private sector are more important than ever.

Customers, employees, and investors purchase from, stay loyal to, and evaluate brands that stand for and support issues they care about. Linda digs into each company's uniqueness to help them find the right way to position and communicate the impact their social investments are making in local communities and the world at large. 

Linda is convinced that technology can be a force for social change, particularly in supporting educational opportunities that can diversify the workforce and train more Americans to be skilled in tech jobs. This, in turn, will boost the US economy and continue to strengthen its technological leadership. 

She’s also passionate about sustainable agriculture, supporting movements that are trying to figure out how to support our increasing need for food and drinking water without destroying the environment that produces them. In her free time, Linda enjoys being outside and enjoying the company of family and friends.

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Areas of expertise

Marketing Strategy, Market Research, Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Startups, Social Impact Storytelling, Video, Strategic Partnerships

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