Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


Branded Shares

Client goals: In addition to awarding substantial financial grants, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) also extends communications and development support to its most promising grantees. Recognizing the power of this support, and challenged with limited resources, the Foundation engaged a team—that included the Impact Collaborative—to establish a strategic plan and communications framework to help the Foundation's program staff position grantees for sustained growth in a more systematic way.

Approach: In collaboration with Schwartz Powell, the Impact Collaborative and other agency partners developed Branded Shares, a communications framework of clearly defined processes and tools to maximize the value of the Foundation's relationship in grantee fundraising and long-term sustainability. The framework will enable RWJF program officers the ability to streamline their grantee support offerings, while allowing flexibility and creativity in communicating each grantees unique value proposition.


Strategic partners

Burness, Fenton Communications, Healthleads, Playworks


Messaging & communications, non-profit strategy, strategic philanthropy, stakeholder & community engagement, research & planning, health, human rights


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