Linda McNair


The one thing I’ve learned as a communications and marketing pro is that an organization's success depends on its ability to inspire action. Traditionally, that means convincing people why they need to buy, switch brands or to take part in something. But in an increasingly competitive world, this isn’t enough.

Customers, investors, and employees want to know who’s behind what they are about to buy, and WHY they do what they do. Is the brand aligned with what’s important to them? What does the company stand for, and is it concrete, credible and authentic?

I help companies and organizations define their purpose, couple it with what makes their offerings different, and develop messaging that can be integrated throughout their communications, marketing campaigns and brand experiences.

Personally, I believe that technology can be a force for social change, particularly in democratizing the workforce and restructuring educational models. In my free time, I enjoy the company of my family and friends, and the opportunity to walk among towering redwoods and along sandy beaches.

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Areas of expertise

Positioning; Messaging; Strategic Planning; Storytelling; Executive and Corporate Communications; Marketing and Public Relations; Strategic Partnerships; Tech Sector; Startups

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