Jennifer Ley


Jennifer brings an international perspective to the Collaborative, with a background in communications, global program management, strategy, and corporate and academic relations management—primarily at educational non-profits.

An American based in Copenhagen, Denmark, she worked in International Education for nearly two decades. Yet most of her career has been spent at her various employers focusing on areas that are tangential but critical to the main business mission, training her to see how challenges and opportunities integrate within larger systems.

As both a collaborator and communicator, Jennifer has worked with 300+ businesses and organizations worldwide, cross-organizational initiatives, and program development in 30+ countries. Some of the stakeholders she has worked with include global business leaders, entrepreneurs, academics, administrators, and Executive MBA and university students.

As a coach, she instills confidence and hones her clients’ capabilities at presentation skills. As a writer and editor, she always strives for clarity…and is a firm believer in the power of the Em dash and the serial comma.

Jennifer has worked at NYU’s Stern School of Business, Copenhagen Business School, The Council on International Educational Exchange, EF Education First, and Danish clients ranging from tech start-ups to global firms. She has a BA from the University of Vermont. She served as a board member of the Professional Women’s Network of Denmark and mentors women entrepreneurs. An avid globetrotter, she spends her free time traveling, or exploring new worlds and ideas in a good book.

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Areas of expertise

Strategic Communications, Global Program Development, Stakeholder Management, Writer & Editor

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