Our clients include non-profits, philanthropies, global corporations, start-ups, educational institutions, communities, social enterprises, professional associations, and other organizations seeking to increase their impact. We partner with these organizations and the populations they serve to:


Understand Deeply

Employ qualitative and quantitative approaches to inform, develop, and deliver sustainable, scalable change.

Build Responses

Develop high-impact strategies and solutions based on deep insights, clear strategic thinking, and subject expertise.

Improve Teams

Build capacity, improve effectiveness, and proactively address the rapidly shifting landscapes in which our clients operate.

Gather Together

Engage, connect, and activate diverse groups of stakeholders, beneficiaries, customers, and other targets to support causes and accelerate social impact.

Connect The Dots

Build bridges between perception and true understanding.

Cross the Finish Line

Develop and launch our own social impact ventures to address society’s most pressing challenges.



We address complex social, organizational, and business challenges through the following core competencies:

  • Research and analysis: qualitative, quantitative, participatory, mixed methods
  • Corporate responsibility and non-profit strategy
  • Program development and implementation
  • Stakeholder engagement and community capacity building
  • Coalition building and strategic partnerships
  • Strategic philanthropy: non-profit fundraising, corporate, impact investing
  • Marketing strategy: activation, branding, communications, digital, video, storytelling
  • Design: service, user-experience, communication, product
  • Issues leadership and advocacy
  • Organizational change
  • Governance and compliance
  • Workshops and training


AIGA | the professional association for design
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Brain Drain
Center for the Homeless
City of Albuquerque
City of New York
City of San Francisco
Clean Currents
Covenant House
Doctors without Borders
Ford South Africa
Grey Worldwide
Johnson & Johnson
Juvenile Justice Center

Integrity House
International Bird Rescue
Interaction Design Association (IxDA)
Kgosi Neighbourhood Foundaton
Memorial Hospital
Morgan Stanley
National Council on Behavioral Health
Procter & Gamble
Public Architecture
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Sappi North America
University of Notre Dame
University of Southern California
Vera Institute of Justice
Warner Music Group


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