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Challenge: The Kgosi Foundation serves families in Jeppestown—a poverty stricken neighborhood in Johannesburg, and home to large numbers of refugees who come from across the African continent fleeing persecution, war, and peril in their home countries. Economic competition between refugees and impoverished South Africans fuels tension and violence between these groups. Based on research conducted by global and South African NGOs, Kgosi’s leadership envisioned an educational program and promotional campaign to alleviate the daunting issue of xenophobia playing out in the Foundation’s backyard. 

Approach: Impact Collaborative joined forces with Kgosi and the University of Notre Dame to conduct community-based research, develop a strategic plan, build partnerships, and shepherd student-led solutions—all critical to the campaign’s ultimate success.

Through rigorous research and development, and strategic partnerships with several key South African agencies, the together+ campaign produced and distributed three components of the campaign: a welcome guide containing information about the citizenship process; a curriculum-based children’s story, Blooming Together, spreading the message of diversity as unity; and a healthcare rights poster series and reference guide explaining the rights of all South Africans to medical care.

Results: Blooming Together is currently being taught in over 1,600 classrooms in South Africa, with schools adopting the program at a rapid pace. Agency partners report that refugee populations are finding the welcome guide and healthcare rights series to be valuable resources.


Strategic partners

Catholic Institute of Education, Consortium for Migrants and Refugees, Doctors Without Borders, Ford South Africa, Univeristy of Notre Dame, University of the Witwatersrand


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