Member Highlight: Brandon Keelean

There are a million questions that arise during the course of end-of-life care and often few answers. In the moment where illness reaches a climax and critical decisions need to be made, families and patients ask much of their doctors and each other. What do you want? What do I want? What should I do? What are my options? How do I decide?

Canopy facilitates the conversations about end-of-life healthcare that we aren’t having but maybe should be. It’s a simple web app that walks users through the questions and answers they might need someday. It follows a model similar to TurboTax, breaking down complex information into manageable pieces. In the end, Canopy helps users clarify their wishes with the people they love and provides an advance care directive, a legal document users can share with loved ones and health providers. Canopy was founded by Impact Collaborative member Brandon Keelean and two other University of Michigan graduate students (Ann Duong and Elisabeth Michel). You can learn more about Canopy by signing up for their mailing list.

Andrea PellegrinoComment