A New Chapter For Pellegrino Collaborative

I'm writing to announce a simple idea. It feels fitting to share this announcement on a day when we honor Martin Luther King Jr., a man who epitomized the spirit of collective action and social change. Starting today, I’m honored to join forces with a group of independent consultants as part of a new chapter for Pellegrino Collaborative.

The transformation started in November when I asked myself, “How can Pellegrino Collaborative be more effective?” Over the past eight years, we’ve done important work in partnership with extraordinary corporations, non-profits, community organizations, and educational institutions dedicated to solving complex social challenges. However, I had a nagging sense that we could do more.

The question simmered for a while as I talked to those who are now involved in this new chapter. I asked each of them: How might we respond more nimbly and effectively to new and existing social challenges? How can we take purpose and truly integrate it into an organization’s DNA? How do we nurture and strengthen ideas of sustainable change? The answer I received amounted to two words: work together.

It’s a simple answer to a burning and urgent question, and today it becomes reality. I’m thrilled to introduce you to a group of incredibly talented, independent social impact and strategy consultants who bring their expertise to bear on our work with non-profits, philanthropies, corporations, start-ups, educational institutions, communities, social enterprises, and other organizations seeking to increase their impact.

Through this newly formed collaborative, we’re able to offer a more comprehensive, yet tailored, range of services to respond to a wide range of social impact challenges and opportunities.

I invite you to visit our website or reach out to me personally to learn more about how our collaborative can help your organization strengthen, advance, and deliver sustainable, scalable change.

All the best,