Vera Institute of Justice


Corporate engagement and funding diversification

Goal: The Vera Institute of Justice—a non-partisan organization that works to improve justice systems that ensure fairness and strengthen communities—wanted to assess the feasibility of developing corporate philanthropy as an unrestricted revenue stream.

Approach: Impact Collaborative partnered with Vera in a discovery and assessment phase to better understand the potential for incorporating corporate philanthropy into Vera’s development model. 

The discovery phase centered on two sets of interviews, one with internal stakeholders comprised of Vera leadership and staff, and the second with corporate CSR and philanthropy leads at Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, we did a comprehensive review of Vera’s institutional materials and conducted a competitive analysis. 

Our findings validated our initial assumptions—Vera’s mission, vision, services, and outcomes, are well aligned with the current corporate giving environment—as well as public sentiment.

Status: Impact Collaborative is in the process of developing a corporate engagement strategy and implementation plan aligned with our findings.




Non-profit strategy, human rights, fundraising strategy, corporate philanthropy, stakeholder and community engagement, research & planning, messaging & communications


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